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Australian Newspaper Reveals 'Cocaine Girl' Ruby Adu Gyamfi Had A Diplomatic Passport

Australian Newspaper Reveals 'Cocaine Girl' Ruby Adu Gyamfi Had A Diplomatic Passport Ruby Adu Gyamfi, aka Neyele Ametefeh, aka Angel

An Australian newspaper, Kronen Zeitung, yesterday led its front page with the story on Ruby Adu Gyamfi, aka Neyele Ametefeh, aka Angel, the suspect at the center of a 12.5 kilo cocaine smuggling debacle in London.

According to the report, Ruby brandished a diplomatic passport when suspicious security details at the Heathrow Airport stopped her.

The revelation, headline in German as Drogen-Deal mit Diplomatenpass, to wit “Drug Deal with Diplomatic Passport” and a strap, “Cocaine Smuggler pulled Diplomatic Passport” – which report was composed by Klaus Loibnegger – reinforces the diplomatic passport detail in the narration currently being vehemently deflected by Ghanaian authorities.

The latest revelation by the newspaper makes Ghanaians officials’ denial that the lady at the center of the cocaine bust was not holding a diplomatic passport, to fly in the face.

The Narcotic Control Board, which claims that it collaborated with its British counterparts, denied that Ruby travelled on diplomatic passport but rather Austrian passport.

“It is worthy to note that Ms. Nayayele Ametefe travelled on Austrian passport number P418659 and not on Ghanaian Diplomatic Passport as being speculated. She also had in her possession an ordinary Ghanaian passport number G0364497 issued on 3rd August, 2012, NACOB said in a statement.

New Front

It is a fresh front to the raging cocaine smuggling drama, which has gripped both local and international media attention.

Ruby reportedly pulled out the diplomatic passport, an action which did not deter the determined security agents from arresting her.

Ruby threw in the next dice when she pulled out an Austrian (EU) passport issued in Linz in 2010, but like the diplomatic travel document, it did not secure her safe passage from the vigilant security personnel at London Heathrow Airport.

Another Dice

When she pulled out a third document – perhaps out of desperation – she heightened the suspicion of the security agents who employed the various drills under the circumstances.

For the 32-year-old flashy Angel from Ghana, the game was up, having failed in the various bids to secure her freedom.

The Charge

The newspaper has a large picture in its center spread of communications Minister, Dr. Omane Boamah, who has vehemently denied on behalf of government that Angelic Ruby had a diplomatic passport, alongside pictures of the seized cocaine.

The possession of a diplomatic passport by the cocaine suspect is an aspect of the unfolding story which embarrassing fallout has prompted uncoordinated responses from government minders whose interventions so far have yielded nothing but a maze of contradictions.

More questions such as how the illegal class ‘AA’ drug got into Ghana and was smuggled out in the manner it did without security agents winking an eye in Accra, continue to be triggered.

The drug dealer allegedly used the VVIP reserved for ministers and top government officials, raising question of high level connivance.


Kronen Zeitung’s report also appears on their online version, www.krone.at which expressed amazement at the daredevil bid by Ruby to smuggle 12.5 kilos of cocaine (quarter bag of cement) into the words busiest airport, describing the effort as driven by stupidity or an unwavering confidence that it was safe to do so.

Narcotic Stuff

According to the paper, Ruby had in her main baggage ten packages of the narcotic substance, comprising ten kilos with the remaining two-and-a-half- kilos secured in her handbag, both of which could fetch a street value of some 5 million Euros.

Unconfirmed details claim Ruby did not board the BA flight with her hand luggage, even though she checked in one luggage into the business class. Her hand luggage was apparently handed to her by unidentified security personnel on the plane.

However, the bag was too heavy for her to lift unto the overhead luggage compartment. She was therefore said to have pulled out two parcels which she placed in her handbag.

According to the report – still unconfirmed – other passengers spotted her and alerted air staff who alerted the Heathrow security. On arrival, border security agents accosted her and after a thorough search of her body and luggage Ruby the Angel was hauled off and charged with possession and smuggling of narcotic drugs. She will make her next appearance in court on November 27.

Telltale Comment

British investigators have kept mum over the reports as they continue with their probe. However, the story was picked quickly by the 'Heathrow Villager’ a free circulating newspaper and posted online on Heathrow news.

Remarks by an investigator to the Austrian newspaper on the periphery are instructive though, and could further unsettle government agents who are yet to decrypt the conundrum presented by the Angel cocaine sage.

It reads, “You could be looking at a well-known dealer with connections to well-connected politicians who flies in business class frequently and frequently and landed in one of the most strictly guarded airports in the world, this time with 12.5 kilos of cocaine thinking she would be safe. I wonder why?”

Kronen Zeitung is the biggest daily newspaper in Austria with a large audience base within and without the country. It covers general subjects – national and international – stories, including business, entertainment and sports.




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