CPP launches new membership database

Politics of Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Source: GNA

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As part of preparations towards the 2016 general elections, the Convention People’s Party (CPP) has launched its new Membership Management System Database to keep an accurate data of its members.

The initiative, launched on Monday in conjunction with the celebration of the 105th birthday of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, also provides the platform for party members to receive direct communications as well as pay dues from their mobile phones.

Madam Samia Yaba Nkrumah, Chairman of the Party, said in order to meet the challenges facing the CPP, there was the need for self-mobilisation and commitment from its members.

She said the organisation of the polling station, electoral area members and political education was the most important assignment in re-building and revitalising the CPP Nkrumah founded.

She said the party’s Central Committee, in accordance with the constitution, had directed that the polling station and electoral areas should serve as the Electoral College for the election of constituency executives.

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Madam Nkrumah said no constituency executive committee would be deemed to have been properly elected if it was not elected by registered members of polling stations and electoral areas within the constituency.

She, therefore, called on members of the party and Ghanaians, who demanded national dignity and prosperity, to register on the Membership Management System database which was in progress on the sidelines, as a system that put the party amongst the most modern in the world.

Speaking on the celebration, Madam Nkrumah said the party Nkrumah founded was on resurgence to govern the country to prosperity in accordance with the development policy guide lines of Nkrumaism.

“We make this promise to the nation because the hardships Ghanaians are enduring as the result of the failures of misguided development policy prescriptions of the past 32 years have been catastrophic,” she said.

The Chairman said Ghana, the first to break the bondage of exploitative colonial rule due to the conviction that the black man had the capacity to govern, was now begging for a bail out to save the country from economic crisis, from those same forces that colonized the country.

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She said the CPP would restore the nation’s vision of economic independence so that wealth could be created for the people.

She gave the assurance that a CPP-led government would reduce poverty, disease and hunger, and that Ghanaians would live in dignity and prosperity.