Top Television Series With A Touch Of Political Drama

Do you love political thrillers or you want to learn how ruthless politicians can be in their strife for power? Or better still you want to enjoy the entertaining side of politics. Look no further as we analyse two exciting and fast paced political dramas which gives us an insight into the political schemings of politicians while providing entertainment and fun. The thrillers to be discussed are Scandal and House of Cards.


We all love and enjoy the twists and turns Olivia Pope brings to this famed US television series. Scandal is a political thriller that stars Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope who heads the top crisis management firm- Olivia Pope and associates. As a former White House communications director for the president of the United states, Olivia Pope had no problems starting her crises management firm which is dedicated to protecting the image of politicians and public figures. Olivia’s team, made up of Harrison, Abby, Huck and Quinn are sometimes forced to break the law and deal with demons from their past.

Olivia’s off and on relationship with the president Fitzgerald Grant sometimes puts her at loggerheads with his Chief of Staff Cyrus Bean and most especially Melody “Mellie” Grant Fitzgerald’s wife. The season four of scandal is expected to bring more twists and turns to the series as Columbus Short’s character Harrison Wright is killed at the end of season three. Season four is expected to focus on the core characters and members of Olivia Pope and associates and the ways they deal with the death of Harrison. Also, Abby Whelan’s character is expected to take centre stage as her character comes to the fore. The season four of this political Drama has begun airing on cable television stations from late September, 2014.


House of Cards is a fast paced American television political drama which based on a novel by Michael Dobbs and adapted from the BBC mini series of the same name. House of Cards is set in present day Washington DC and it follows the political activity of the Main character Frank Underwood portrayed by Kevin spacey. Frank Underwood is a Democrat and House majority whip from south Carolina’s 5th congressional district who after being betrayed and passed over for appointment as Secretary of state, decides to go all out and get himself into a position of power and authority. He is a ruthless, pragmatic manipulator who believes in doing anything to get what he wants (Ultimately the position of president) even if it requires killing and destroying lifetime relationships to get there. He has the unavowed support of his wife Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) who assists in getting him the power he desired. 

The show is made interesting with the fact that the lead character Frank Underwood often gets to speak his thoughts directly to the audience or viewers. This gives the audience an idea of his schemings, machinations and his thoughts of people around him. His ruthlessness is brought to the fore with his murder of Zoe Barnes (a journalist he used as an informant and also had sexual relations with) in season two, Peter Russo ( a congressman from Pennyslavania’s 1st congressional district whom he supports to run for Governor of Pennyslavania), and his severing of a long time friendship with Freddie Hayes, the owner of a Barbecue shop he regularly visits.

For the season three which is expected to begin airing early 2015 due to delays in choice of location, band members of the Russian musical group Pussy Riot Nadezdha Tolokonnikova and Maria Alyokhina are part of the cast.

To my esteemed readers, is there any political thriller you’ve watched and would like to be included?, kindly comment and it just might be on this page.

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