Mysterious Priest Scares Patrons At MTN 4Syte Music Video Awards 2014

Amidst all the razzmatazz and pageantry that characterized the MTN 4syte Music Video Awards was the presence of a queer and mysterious duo who got everyone whispering and wondering about their identity.

The two were a man dressed in the apparel of a traditional priest and a midget who appeared to be his assistant.

Adorned in a flowing black gown with goatskin around his shoulders and a raffia headgear which covers his face, the priest and his assistant arrived at the conference center in a plush Toyota V8 Land Cruiser.

They were greeted by a praise singer who waited for them at the entrance and started singing and drumming hysterically when they got out of the vehicle. It was obvious that people were shaken by their appearance. Even the bouncers at the gate didn’t want to get close to them.

At the VIP section of the auditorium where they had their reserved seats, people avoided sitting close to them.

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Starr Entertainment sources reveal that, the priest whose name is still unknown is the spiritual leader of the Alternative Rock Band Dark Suburb ‘the vessel between the band and the living’.

Hair-raising, yes, but the new band is determined to make a strong impression on Ghanaians.

They currently have two singles to their credit; I Dey Feel You Die and Jump Off A Cliff and are set to release their next track on December 1 aa well as launch their upcoming EP, The Awakening, on the 6th of December.