ICC Witness Confesses: ‘I Saw Woman & Newborn Baby Killed With Machetes’

Witness num. 27 in the ongoing ICC case against Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Joshua Arap Sang disclosed to the court that he saw a woman and her newborn child slaughtered with machetes during the 2007 post-election violence.

According to the witness, the woman and her child were killed by demonstrating Kalenjin youths near Kapsaret.

“I saw a woman sitting down, in few seconds I understand she delivered a baby and after warriors confirmed it was a boy they said we don’t want any other Mungiki around here. Then the baby was killed on the spot because he was a boy and after that then the mother was killed on the spot. They were killed using machetes,” the witness explained.

“I could hear him telling people to take because he had heard from an inside source that police would use live bullets… so he was telling them not to go directly to the sites, as they would be killed,” the witness alleged.

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Attorney in charge of trial, Lucio Garcia played several video clips in which people were singing in a local language which was said to be Nandi.

According to the witness, the song’s message was that Kikuyus should return to their homes in Nyeri.

The witness further explained to the court that such songs are sung during circumcision times or preparing for things like war. He said the songs were also being sung to demand for the rights of the Kalenjin people.

The witness who is a Kalenjin however said he could not understand all the words of some of the songs despite efforts by Garcia to play the video clips several times.

Ruto’s lawyer Karim Khan expressed discontent over the translations that the prosecution had disclosed to them earlier saying that on Tuesday they had a different translation.

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