Only My Wife Knows The Size Of My ‘John Thomas’- DJ Jimmy Jatt

Recently Dj Jimmy Jatt was on a hot spot as a hardened reporter kept pressing the world famous DJ to reveal to him by all means the things his wife knows that we don’t and a smiling Jimmy says his fans already knows everything about him, because he has a book that is already out which
explains his life.

But the reporter not contended with the reply said, the DJ should tell us something more, then the obviously agitated Jimmy let lose his anger, turned to the questioner and said, ‘do you want me to show you the size of my John Thomas? Only my wife

Nike knows that and I will have to ask for her permission first’. It seems Jimmy is like Kenneth Okonkwo, the Nollywood actor who has not seen any other lady’s pants since he got married but in the former’s case no other woman has seen the recent size of his John Thomas except his darling wife.

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