Kefee’s Ex-huband, Alec Godwin, Reveals Why He Had To Flee Nigeria With His Family

Remember Alec Godwin? He is a well known music producer and former husband of the late gospel artiste, Kefee.

Alec has finally left the shores of Nigeria and relocated to the US. He said he had to leave Nigeria for a “fresh start.”

The controversial budding music producer who eventually got married again few years after he divorced the Late Branama Queen, Kefee said, “I had to move basically for my family and my kids in particular. I have always wanted to raise them here in the US.”

However, Alec also said he wasn’t done with music as he hopes to continue his career in the US.
“This is the part two of my entertainment dreams and I pray I can pull it off from here. I intend to do pretty much as I was doing in Nigeria. I don’t plan to come back soon unless something serious comes up. If I keep jumping around, I will not be able to settle down here,” he said.

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