Seyi Shay Reveals She’s Not Interested In Marriage

Even as every average woman is hoping and praying to settle down with a man someday, that seem not to be the case with sexy pop star, Seyi Shay.

The ‘Murda’ singer said she’s happy and she’ll really want to get married but marriage no longer has it’s core values and it’s no longer a big deal.

The University of East London graduate of Music Business management said: ‘I really want to get married, and I know this will shock your readers, but I’m not bothered if I don’t get married because I would rather have a man that will be with me forever, the value of marriage has been washed up dead. And the way everybody is getting married and divorcing makes it not a big deal to be together anymore. I’m with someone I’m happy with and I don’t know if we would be life partners, but for now I’m happy with him,” she revealed.

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