Food Vendor Keeps Decomposed Corpse for 2years

Residents of Amikwo Village, Awka South Local Government Area of Anambra State, were thrown into shock and in deep thoughts when they found out the woman with whom they buy food from has a corpse in her room for two years.

According to sunnewspaper, the food vendor, Mrs. Ngozi Aloefuna, was discovered to have been in custody of the remains of her brother who died of mental illness about two years ago. The corpse of Stephen Aloefuna, a former footballer with Rangers International Club in the 80s, was hidden in the family house for the past two years until it had decomposed to a skeleton.

Eyewitnesses to the horror explained that the remains of the young man had turned into a skeleton when it was discovered by one of his brothers, who pressed Ngozi to show him where the late Stephen was buried.

While suspecting Ngozi of sinister motives, the villagers alleged that she was using her late brother’s parts to prepare food for her customers, as nothing could explain why she locked up his remains in a room for two years.

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It was gathered that the remains of the deceased were taken to the police station, while Ngozi was detained and interrogated for some days. She was later granted bail when some of her kindred intervened. The relatives also buried the remains of late Stephen in their family compound.