The Fun Continues With Noble Igwe’s Dubai Chronicles (03)

I know some people may be thinking that this Dubai series is endless; truth is, there’s no way I can compress all that happened in Dubai into a single post and we had so much fun it would be unfair to serve you all that happened in a single post.

If you’ve been sleeping on the bicycle and only just started following my Dubai chronicles, then it would be wise to read episode one here & episode two here that way you can fully appreciate the stories.

The Night out at White Dubai didn’t end with Sara Bolay whispering to me; the night went on for a little longer and for the one hour that the DJ played “Hip Hop” we made sure everybody knew there were hip hop heads in the house, after all you don’t need to know the entire song to shout out the part that you know.

The night was clutch, the DJ was on fleek and the boys had so much fun even though the club shut down at a very tame 3am.

Let’s talk a bit about clubs shutting down at 3am. In Lagos, 3am in the time people used to leave SIP for Likwid back in the day. I’ve tried to imagine Nigerian clubs shutting down at 3am and I know that would only work if men are the only ones allowed to club. Most Friday nights, ladies nap then wake up at 11:30pm to have their bath, search for the perfect outfit from 12midnight -1am, then spend another hour on makeup and may still get to the club at 2:30, go to the bathroom to see if their makeup is still in place and then walk into the club by 2:40 and by the time they get to a table or join their men, the DJ will be playing the last song. Lagos/Nigerian clubbing should be left the way it is, “Club until you meet the people going to morning mass on your way back home from the club

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On getting back to the hotel, I did four things

(1) Got in the elevator and (2) pressed the button for the 30th floor.

(3) Got into the room and (4) crashed in my clothes.


On waking up, I looked at the phone and didn’t see any missed call from Ebuka whom I told the night before to wake me up for breakfast. I buzzed him

Nobs: Nna, Kedu gi?

Ebuka: Just finished having breakfast

Nobs: Were you not meant to call when you were going to breakfast?

Ebuka: Did you ask me to?

Nobs: Are you being serious or really silly?

Ebuka: When did you tell me that?

Nobs: At the club.

Ebuka: Hahahahahahahahah

Nobs: What’s funny?

Ebuka: I cannot even remember the name of the club we went to, ofozia a conversation that we had.

I got out of bed to go have my bath but as I passed the door leading to the hallway, I noticed a note slipped in from under the door and it read

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Noble Igwe Dubai note

I looked at the note a couple of times and was confused for a bit.

I know there was a lot of alcohol on the table the night before and I couldn’t remember everything that happened but I knew I was never so especially good to anyone to deserve a “room” lunch.

I put the card in one of the drawers and called the madam in Nigeria just to inform her. Mind you, I didn’t call her to report myself in case she was the one trying to set me up but you know we share details of our everyday life and I didn’t want to keep that from her. That’s my story!


The boys came through the room to pre game before we headed out yet again for another round of Dubai clubbing.

Noble Dubai pre club 2-2


First was Kiza, which I would love to refer as Victoria Island Extension as it was a typical Nigerian club but located in Dubai.

The Club had posters of Burna Boy and Wande Coal outside and played mostly Nigerian songs while we were there.

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We had so much fun as you can see in the pictures but we couldn’t stay long because it wouldn’t make sense to leave Lagos for another Lagos.

Noble Dubai Kiza club Banky W 2-54

Dubai KIZA club Charles Obienu Ebuka Obi-Uchendu 2-27

Noble Dubai KIZA Princewill club 2-28

Noble Dubai KIZA club  Ebuka 2-40

Noble Dubai Kiza club Mai Atafo  2-42

Noble Dubai Kiza club Michael Demuren 2-46

Noble Dubai Kiza club Ebuka, Tunde and Michael Demuren, Banky W 2-49


We left Kiza for VIP Room and the party continued with Michael the groom even though church service was for 10am same day.

At VIP Room we recreated the night before at White Dubai with the King of Lagos Party, Banky W by standing on the Sofas, downing glasses of alcohol and living like we had no wedding the next day.

Noble Dubai VIP club Banky W Olamide Adedeji  2-60

Dubai VIP club 2-77

Noble Dubai VIP Room club Ebuka

Dubai VIP ROOM club Michael Demuren Banky W 2-96

Dubai VIP Room club Anuel 2-109

Dubai VIP ROOM club Charles O Banky W 2-142

The fun continued until 3:00am when the DJ stopped playing music, that was when Olamide…

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