Man Caught Peeping A Married Woman In The Bathroom

A foolish guy in Oke-Ira, along Ajah–Badore road in Lagos got the beating of his life recently for peeping at a married woman when she was having a bath. He was seriously beaten and injured by neighbours who expressed their anger over his indecent act of peeping at another man’s wife, identified as Mrs Kudi.

The man identified as Koffi, who hails from Ghana was caught red-handed by Kudi’s husband, Mufu.

The husband said the Ghanaian was fond of peeping at both single girls and married women but luck ran out on him when he caught him in the act on Tuesday’s evening.

Mr Mufutau said he was returning from work when he saw somebody peeping through a hole in the makeshift bathroom and to his surprise it was his wife’s body the guy was feeding on.

“I walked quietly to the man and also had my wife’s voice emanating from the bathroom. She was singing and did not know that our neighbour, Koffi was peeping at her.

“So I gently tapped Koffi on the hand and I asked: ‘What are you doing here?’ He attempted to beg me not to reveal the secret but he never knew I’m a different kind of person because I had to slap him twice before attracting the neighbours.”

The rough guy is now going about with a swollen face.

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