Circle road project workers strike over poor working conditions

Hundreds of artisans including carpenters and welders at the Circle over head project site have refused to work, Monday, in protest over poor conditions of service.

Some of the angry workers who spoke to JOYNEWS are questioning why contractors on the job are paying them meagre wages.

“If i tell you how much an artisan like me is earning here, you won’t believe it. It is very bad.

“We shouldn’t be taking less than 40 cedis a day. But we are taking less than that.

“A labourer with a mother company is earning far more than an artisan with Daily Consult.

“On the average with my overtime, I should be earning more than GHS1,500 plus but i don’t earn up to GHS1,000,” one of the angry workers pointed out.

He said despite working day and night all attempts to get their night allowances and over time have proven futile.

It is not clear yet for how long the workers will be on strike but if it continues, the traffic situation in the area is likely to worsen.

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Already the area is noted for heavy traffic build-up as some parts of the road have been blocked.

But Engineers on site say motorists are likely to face some heavy traffic in the coming days if the strike by workers continue.

Kwaku Attakow Diafo chief resident engineer said the project managers are working tirelessly to resolve the impasse.

He said if the strike continues, the project would be delayed further and the traffic implications would be dire.

“If we are supposed to finish the flyover and we have not finished, the traffic in that direction will suffer because if it prolongs is not very good for the project,” he said.