Wicked Stepmother Apprehended

A 28-year-old woman, Christiana Faturoti in Ogun State has been detained for attempted murder after she had tied her stepdaughter, taped her mouth and locked her indoor for her work place.

According to punch report, the woman, a petrol attendant, committed the dreadful act because she was jealous of the preferential treatment the child received from her husband.

Sources state that the baby was discovered after people passing by heard the baby groaning. They subsequently alerted the police who arrived at the scene and found the baby in critical condition. She was subsequently rushed to the hospital.

Doctor’s report holds that such alleged treatment of the baby could lead to death.
Faturoti, who had a child for her husband, reportedly confessed to the crime and has been taken into police custody.

However, report holds that the biological mother of the baby is dealing with mental health issues. It was as a result of her condition that the father decided to put her in the care of the stepmother.

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