NDC Never Paid Me, I Was Taken Out Of Context, John Dumelo Cries Out

Actor John Dumelo after his interview on Accra-based Starr FM that Ghanaians should take their time for the president has received lots of insults and threats messages. The award-winning actor on Friday afternoon has explained what he said on the EIB-owned radio station.

John Dumelo on his instagram page stated that he was taken out of context. According to him, he had to lay off some workers because of how things are going on in the country. John Dumelo added that he has also received threats and insults due to what he said on Starr FM that Rome was not build in a day so president Mahama needs time.

To whom is may concern: my sentiments expressed on an accra based fm station have totally been misread and misconstrued. Before I start off, I’m not a spokesperson for any political party neither am I a representative in the social circles. The tapes are there for you to listen.

The audio is available for anyone willing to hear exactly what I said on star fm. I said and I Quote” let’s give the president time to solve the problems, after all, if by 2016 these problems haven’t been solved We know what we will do.

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Yes I did a tv commercial for the NDC in 2012 because I loved the message they preached. I must state here that it was purely voluntary. I wasn’t paid for that and I wasn’t expected to be paid for that. I did it for the love of the country. I also said on star fm that if in 2016, any party preaches what will benefit the country I won’t mind joining that bandwagon. Be it NPP, Cpp or PPP.

I have heard all kinds of insults and threats on my life because my statement was completely taken out of context. I feel what is going on in the country. I have had to lay of 20 of my workers and close down 2 of my companies because of the economic crises. I feel the workers pain. You think I’m happy laying off my workers? You think I’m happy running a company at a lose? I’m not.

As at now I still don’t have a generator in my house. I sweat at night and I’m sure we all do. Let’s give the current gov till 2016 to fix the problems, that’s all I said. I feel what everyone else is going through. The problems have to solved for Ghana to move forward. As for the insults and death threats, it’s made me a better person. Long live Ghana! #dumsormuststop

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