DumsorMustStop: Open Letter To Yvonne Nelson

Dear Yvonne Nelson, 

I admire you greatly. So when that “stupid Nigerian” discussed your amorous relationship with him in public, I was saddened and angered. Ghanaians were unanimous in giving him “cold embarrassing” reception on stage at last year’s music award ceremony. My dear, I hope you have since recovered from that “humiliation”. So you should have been measured in your choice of words since you suffered similar fate in the recent past.

Your comments might have borne out of frustration due to the prolonged electricity crisis which many Ghanaians share but as a lady as you are, your criticisms should have been more decorous. A modicum of respect even in frustration project a good character.

Your fellow artist, Becca puts it aptly: “efforts must be significantly doubled to end the blackouts. It is hurting everyone”. As for other artists and politicians who took advantage of your message with more venom, history has already been established that they are his “haters”. May God help those with constructive criticism…

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You see, political industry is different from the movie industry. In politics, you cannot throw stones and expect pebbles in return.

Moreso, the energy industry is very dynamic and needs painstaking strategic interventions to nib the dumsor in the bud. The country suffered power outages in 1983, 1998, 2006 and 2007 without any serious interventions from the previous governments. Hence, the current one dumsor, dumsor. As you will recall the president has promised to find a lasting solution to it. In due course, the results will allay your frustrations.

I do not in any way support Haruna’s post either. I must not be misinterpreted. I was shocked when i read those words on his timeline because I know him to be a gentleman. But suffice it to say that it serves useful lessons as to how it can get dirty politically in Ghana. Constructive engagement is required if we want our fledging democracy to succeed. Find heart to accept his unqualified apology.

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Just watch out and take note of those who are praising you today. Your *genuine* concern only serves their selfish interest. Just be careful you don’t say anything against their *menror* one day. That day, Hmmn!!

Some of us hold you in high esteem. Let your criticisms reflects your ladyship and calmness. Do not descend into the “gutters” with the uninspiring politicians. They are elated when people like you speak their language.

Meanwhile, the new date set aside for the badges to arrive in Ghana is September, 2015.In the meantime, an emergency badge of 120 megawatts will arrive in the country soon to augment the deficit. I hope you will be patient with the president as he figures out the lasting solution to the perennial load shedding. Take it easy with him, my dear. I believe the president has heard or read your concern. #dumsorwillstop# Cheers!!! (A BROTHERLY ADVICE)

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