RMD Want Buhari To Go Tough On Pirates

Nollywood actor, Richard Mofe Damijo, who delved into politics a while ago, at a public presentation in Abuja, suggested to the incoming government of Muhammadu Buhari to set up a tribunal to punish pirates of films.

The actor, fondly called RMD, also urged the President-elect to go hard on the pirates, stating that they have made life difficult for those in the creative industry.

RMD noted that, “Existing laws are good but what is needed to add is maybe setting up special tribunal to handle cases of piracy and step up the punishment or compensation for piracy because right now it is too low and insignificant. The body of the law is okay, the problem is in the policing and making sure that offenders are prosecuted when they are found guilty they pay damages.”

“Though, my work is not to protect the movie from being pirated, somebody has that job. The regulator should ensure that all creative works of Nollywood are protected and we earn money from it. I am not going to stand here to legislate on the kind of movie filmmakers will do, I am just privileged to be part of the one that is topical now; just to entertain people and make them think as a people and amount of work that could be done,” he told TNS.

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