9ice Never Attacked Toni Payne with His Song…ID Cabasa

9ice and Toni

The controversies surrounding the marriage breakup between singer, 9ice and his estrange wife, Toni Payne may have been over with both parties getting along with their new life but what has been left untold is who really was at fault?

One of Nigeria’s most adored music producer seating atop Coded Tunes Entertainment, ID Cabasa, has helped to reveal the unknown about the two love birds who were once regular at his studio which has produced the likes of 9ice, Lord of Ajasa, Reminisce, Olamide, Jahbless, Durella and others.

Cabasa giving an insight on the song produced by 9ice which was misinterpreted by fans to be an attribute to Toni Payne, ‘Once Beaten, Twice Shy,’ stated that behind many of 9ice songs, there are strong messages behind them not that they were directed at anyone.

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He further noted that while recording the song, Toni Payne went as far as cooking rice for them while in the studio.

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“Behind all our songs, there are stories. Just like the song, ‘Once Beaten, Twice Shy,’ it was wrongly interpreted and it was so sad. Toni Payne cooked rice for us that day, so how could the song be referring to her?” he told Vanguard.

“It was so shocking that people misconstrued that song to be an attack against her and Ruggedman. I can authoritatively tell you that the whole of that episode was a lie,” he added.

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9ice and Cabasa