SHOCKING: John Fashanu and Yobo’s Wife Mother Abigail’s Messy Marriage

I just hope Joseph Yobo is praying hard because most women who can’t stay with their husband often end up manipulating their own daughters husband until they destroy their daughters marriage and see that the daughter returns home and stay with them eventually. This is a bitter truth! #GoFigure

Guys, as soon as you discover that the woman you married is wrong for you, do all you can to salvage the situation but, please, don’t bet your life on it. Wrong women are bad women. They will wreck you, your career, business, lock you down with spiritual manipulation. Only God can help you.

I read what popular sports ambassador, John Fashanu’s daughter said about what Joseph Yobo’s wife mother, Abigail, did to her father and it’s very worrisome. Below are some of the details:

Abigail and her daughter.
Amal, Fashanu’s daughter, said Abigail, Yobo’s wife mother, is a ‘master of manipulation’, who cast a spell on her father and ‘frittered away’ his wealth. She told Emma Pryer of The Sunday People:

“Abigail is the master of manipulation. She has been dubbed the black widow back home in Nigeria – and it is spot on. He was enchanted. 

“While they were together I went from seeing my dad once a month to once a year. He vanished from his children’s lives. When I called to find out how he was and asked him to fly to London to see me, my dad would just say he couldn’t talk. I could sense Abigail was in the background, controlling him.”

This was one of the times Fashanu was physically attacked by Yobo’s wife mother.
Guys, many ladies today are all about your money, wealth, etc. Please don’t reveal secrets of your business to any lady, no matter how much you love her. I know what I’m talking about. Trust me!

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