Weija Dam To Be Spilled Today

Officials of the Ghana Water Company are preparing to spill the Weija Dam following a rise in waters levels at the company’s treatment plant at Nsawam.

The company will seek help from the police to get residents living in and around the Weija dam and Glife to relocate.

Acting Chief Manager of Production at the Plant, Christian Siawor, told Joy News all appropriate authorities have been alerted.

He said NADMO and Commander of the Weija police station are aware of the intended exercise.

The spilling of the dam is expected to be a regular exercise because Ghana’s rainy season has shown signs that it is going to get severe.

A six-hour downpour Wednesday caused fatal flooding in Accra.  The city’s drainage system severely failed the test of ensuring rain water found its way into the sea not homes.

The flood has also affected Ghana’s water treatment system because the dam’s maximum level has been exceeded. This could damage Accra’s water reservoir.

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But the spilling  could affect communities around the dam as it has happened in the past,  if residents do not take precautionary measures.

Hundreds of homes in two communities in the Ga South municipality were submerged on June 11 and 12, 2014, following the spillage of the Weija Dam by the GWCL.

The situation was so serious that thousands of residents of Glefe and Opetekwei, who had been displaced by the flood waters, were compelled to evacuate their homes.