Upper East EC chair rubbishes Omane Boamah’s allegations; won’t waste time on fickle minds

The Upper East Chair of the Electoral Commission has rubbished reports of an alleged plot by two bigwigs of the NPP to rig tomorrow’s by-election in Talensi in the Upper East Region.

James Arthur Yeboah said the allegations have neither come to the attention of the Commission nor would the commission waste precious time discussing such baseless allegations from “fickle minds.”

Communications Minister Dr Omane Boamah has been the crusader of a plot he claimed is being masterminded by Hon Blay and Chairman Wuntumi all of whom are national executives of the NPP.

His evidence of the plot is a recorded call and a text message from an anonymous source mistakenly sent to the Regional Minister  James Zuugah Tiigah.

According to the Communications minister, the text message was originally meant for a conspirator in the whole plot but for some strange reason it ended up on the phone of the Regional Minister.

 “James, please once again Chairman Wontumi [Ashanti regional NPP chairman] and honorable Blay say I should tell you to tell your men not to use the black cream on Tuesday and that they should get rid of the ones in their possession. Please keep your distance for now,” the minister read the content of the mysterious text message from the anonymous source.

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He said the following morning, the person having noticed the text had gone to the wrong destination decided to explain in another text message that the earlier one was not meant for him but rather a brother called James.

The Minister who advertised the alleged plot first on Asempa FM and later on Joy FM said he was yet to report the matter to the police even though on his own he has begun some investigation.

The allegation was not taken kindly by one of the NPP officials named in the mysterious text message.

1st Vice Chairman of the NPP Freddy Blay told Joy News the allegation was ridiculous and a fabrication by the Minister just to divert attention from the real issues on the ground.

He said he will remain focused at least after the Talensi election is done and will take appropriate steps to clear his name.

When the Upper East Electoral Commission Chair, who incidentally is also called James was contacted by Joy News’ Evans Mensah his comment on the matter was less complimentary.

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“It has not come to the attention of the EC.

“People go into public service to make themselves development agents… I will not spend time to discuss this issue.

“I would rather focus on being able to have successful elections in Talensi.

“If the nation says it will spend time on fickle minded people who will just trade allegations and then force people who are sacrificing their lives to bring development to their country and want us to waste our time commenting on it we will not get anywhere,” he said.

He would have been happier if effort is spent on educating the people of Talensi on the procedures of voting rather than wasting time on needless rumours being peddled around.