Adu Asare Is Not Happy With Ex-President J.J Rawlings

A member of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) and a former Parliamentarian is disappointed with former President Jerry John Rawlings’ description of the current administration as full of ‘crookish monsters’.

The NDC MP for the Adenta Constituency believes Mr Rawlings should not have raised the issues in the open, but needed to have first conferred in private with President John Dramani Mahama.

Former President Rawlings openly criticized President John Mahama for his inability to keep “the bad ones” and “crookish monsters” away from the Presidency.

“Both the good and the bad are around him. He’s unable to kick the bad ones away and I guess it’s because he doesn’t know about some of them and their nature”, Rawlings told a special congregation of the University of Development Studies, Saturday, at which ceremony an honorary doctorate degree.

Speaking in reaction to his remarks, Kojo Adu Asare said “a comment like this concerning the President should not have been said on such an occasion.”

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“The platform was not appropriate…there are some issues which should have been said behind closed doors. But with the way he said it in front of everybody; with all due respect I don’t think it is right and so I will plead with him to change his tactics next time,” he mentioned.

He noted that such comments could breed mistrust in government because the presidency is full of so many people, adding; ‘there should be some specifics’.

“Leaders have a way of communicating. He should have used at least five or ten minutes to talk about the issues he raised concerning those in the presidency especially looking at how grave the issue is; that would have been more helpful,” he asserted.

Commenting on various reactions that have come up following the former President’s praise of the conduct of Justice William Atuguba, President of the nine-member panel that sat on the election petition suit, the former NDC MP expressed no surprise at all.

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To him, those having issues with Mr Rawlings praise-singing of Justice Atuguba, are those who were not enthused with the final verdict delivered by the Supreme Court justices.

“I am not surprised about reaction to Justice Atuguba’s extolling…Those who were not happy with the verdict will obviously not see any good in what the former President said about Justice Atuguba. But the context goes beyond the parties involved. It is about the entire country…,” he added.