Stephen Boadu Appiah: Girls Are Not S*x Toys

For some time now, there has been the worrying trend of adult males marrying young girls whose proper place is the classroom and not the marital home.

Whilst this going on, there have been reports also of adult males assaulting girls to satisfy their bestial sexual desires.

The media has constantly been reporting on these matters and even though some culprits were jailed, the problem still persists.

It is against this background that the weekend Finder shares in the worry expressed by Mr. Stephen Boadu Appiah, the upper Manya Krobo District Director of Education, about indecent assaults on young girls by adults.

Some where in today’s issue of this newspaper, we reported him as warning the culprits that girls are not sex tools and that “girls are not beasts of burden, they are not ordinary things, they are our mothers, sisters, daughters and our very survival.

We are concerned about this matter because our collective survival as a race depends on the well-being of the girl-child and for this reason therefore, we are joining in the appeal to the government to initiate policies and programmes backed by the right legislation and punishments to remove all forms of discrimination, abuse and neglected, abused and discriminated against. In the words of Mr Appiah,: “All forms of despicable inhuman things are done to our girls, forgetting that, girls hold the key to the human race, and therefore improvement and longevity of the human race.”

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For this reason therefore, the time has come in this country for the elimination of gender inequality, promote girls rights and help lift girls and their associates out of poverty.

In this connection, we are entreating the adolescent and school-going girls to exercise restraint and acquired the necessary life-skills to put them on the right economic platform in order to forestall poverty, before they think of getting pregnant.

The time has come for the government to put the right policies in peace to ensure that the adolescence girl is put on the right path to enable her to take the right decisions in future.

Weekend Finder believes that the age of consent for marriage needs to be looked at again.

Our information is that in the Eastern Region alone, the percentage of girls getting married before they attain 18 years of age is 27.2 percent, thus contributing towards the population boom in the region and the risk to girls as a result of maternal mortality.

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The country must agree to raise the consent age for sex from 16 years to 18 years to minimize the occurrence of teenage pregnancies because the development of the girl-child should be of concern to all.

Let all know that girls are not sex toys but national assets that are crucial to the development of this country.