Nollywood Now Have Intellectually Lazy Scriptwriters – Charles Okafor

Nollywood acctor, Charles Okafor, is a name that has been in the industry for more than two decades witnessing both the old times and present change.

In a recent interview, Okafor revealed that the contents produced in the new age of Nollywood lack depth, saying that the movies are now remade with little changes.

He said, “From the point of view of modernism and technology, many things are working in favour of the present. But within the context of content, the past was far ahead of the present in terms of comparative analysis.

“We don’t have stories anymore, not because stories don’t exist. We have scriptwriters that are intellectually lazy. In my opinion, content was more profound, insightful and enduring than that of the present.”

He also mentioned that once an actor becomes popular, he or she has become a common denominator in public discourse and criticism.

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