Hilarious: This Lady Tries To Blackmail Popular Hockey Star After Having S3x With Him, See What Happens

I guess men should be like this guy, do not allow anyone blackmail you cheaply simply because you are a popular figure. The lady in the photo above tried to blackmail top hockey player, Jaromir Jagr, by taking an after-s*x selfie while the guy was asleep. By the way, the guy paid her for the show.
She thought the guy wont want his wife to see the pics, hence she decided to blackmail him with them but her plan was thwarted as he told her he didn’t care if she went public with the photos.
The guy said he is SINGLE and don’t give a damn!
43-year-old Jaromir, pictured in bed above with the lady who is a model, 18yrs old Kateřina Provazníková, called her bluff as she threatened to upload their pictures if he did not give her £1,200.
Funny enough, after one of the pic came out and people heard the man’s response, they’ve been laughing at the lady, calling her a cheap desperado who can’t make a mere £1,200 by herself. Lol!

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