Hajj Board to close doors to helpless aged pilgrims

The National Haj Board will from next year, close its doors to prospective aged pilgrims without personal assistants to take care of them during their stay  in Mecca.

This will save the aged from the various difficulties they go through which some times result  in loss of lives  during the  period.

The Board will subsequently screen the aged to determine who is medically sound to go. 

This was disclosed by the Chairman of the Hajj Board, Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko at the Hajj village in Accra. Five pilgrims from Ghana died in this year’s Hajj pilgrimage and this has partially been attributed to the medical condition of the aged ones among them.

Alhaji Tanko was of the view that performing Hajj is stressful and sugested the need for the aged to have personal assistants to help them in their movements.

Alhaji Ibrahim Tanko.

Alhaji Tanko said the five persons died of natural cause. He said arrangements were made to airlift the bodies back home for burial.

He described the 2013 Haij as a successl but although there were few glitches. He said the board will put in place some drastic measures to deal with endemic hitches that have been bedeviling the Hajj program.

Meanwhile, Alhaji Tanko has asked those who could not get their visas to contact the Hajj Scretariat for refund.

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