10 Year Old Girl To Serve 30 Years In Shrine

A 10-year-old girl is to serve in a shrine for 30 years to appease the gods for allegedly defecating in a school.

By extension, the girl becomes the property of the shrine and is made to carry out domestic chores such as cooking, washing, as well as farming and fetching water.

The girl, according to reports, was spiritually arrested by a fetish priestess in the area after persistent complaints by authorities of the Abenaso Presbyterian Primary school in the Kwaebibirem District of Eastern Region.

The chief and elders in the town consulted the fetish priestess called Konfuor Felicia when the school was closed down due to the incessant shit-bombing.

After consultations, the chief promised to offer the culprit as a slave to the priestess who is in charge of the Birim shrine to appease the gods for the crime committed against the community.

Three weeks later, a teacher in the school was said to have seen the girl coming out of one of the classrooms, she raised an alarm accusing the child of being behind the shit-bombing.

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She was then captured by an angry mob in the area and sent to the Birim shrine as culprit of the crime and she was detained.

Additionally, the fetish priestess demanded her family bring two cows, goats and an amount of GHc5,000 before she would be released.

Spokesperson for the Birim priestess, Ofei Larbi revealed to Adom News that the 10-year-old confessed to being a witch who transforms herself into a cockroach and defecate in the classroom.

Her motive for the act, he said, is to ensure the Abenaso Presby school is forever close down.

Ofei Larbi said they will only release the girl when her parents are able to provide the items for sacrifice to appease the gods.

Meanwhile, Esther Gyamfua, distraught mother of the girl is appealing to the gods to tamper justice with mercy.

She said they family has been able to buy the goats after selling their lands but they are unable to buy the cows.

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“The priestess has warned we will all die if we don’t buy the items for sacrifice but we don’t have the money” she exclaimed.

Esther Gyamfua who maintained that her child is not a witch said their only hope to for people to assist them raise money to buy the items.

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