IMAGINE! My Sister is a Graduate, She’s Dating a Shoemaker & They Want To Marry

Please I and my parents are in serious confusion right now… My 28 years old sister who is a fresh graduate from the University summoned my parents and I that she got a fiance who was ready for marriage already.

We were at least excited and joyously ask her to invite her fiance for proper introduction. Last week Sunday was the said date, so we joyously went ahead in preparation for his arrival, preparing delicious meals to appease our in-law to be.

He finally arrived and my dad asked him his occupation, what i heard was so disappointing…

The guys is a SHOE MAKER. Just imagine that for my sister, a Medicine graduate. I had to pretend as if there was nothing wrong until the said guy departed our house. We summoned my sister again and she said ”I love him and must marry him no matter what”.

Has this Mr Shoe Maker charmed my sister or what??

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This issue is really drilling the heart of my parents and I. Can we help this situation or we just allow her to do whatever she likes and follow her heart??

I don’t want this issue to scatter my family but how can my sister marry a shoe maker?