4-year old boy steals show as patrons ‘invade’ Luv FM fitness walk

Endurance, determination and excitement were evident on the faces of thousands of corporate and institutional personnel as well as other residents as they paced up along the streets of Kumasi at the Luv FM Fitness Walk.

Soldiers, cadet groups, students of all levels of education, the young and the old besieged the Heroes Park of the Baba Yara Stadium, as early as 5.30 a.m. Saturday, ready for the exercise to shed fat and stay healthy.

By 6 .30 a.m when participants set off after the warm-up aerobic session, the numbers had hit the roofs and one could take the occasion for another Old Skulls Reunion.

From the Heroes Park through Asokowa, Ahodwo Round-about, Nhyiaeso-Ridge, Adum, Asafo, Amakom and back to the Heroes Park, onlookers were over-awed by the sheer numbers.

In fact, some could not resist joining to stretch their limbs along or, at least, shake their bodies to the rhythm of the accompanying brass band music.

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It was the 14th edition of the Luv FM fitness walk, introduced by super station, Luv 99.5 FM, as a social responsibility initiative to bond with its listeners, corporate Kumasi and other residents.

This idea has pushed for it to be organized quarterly, and Saturday’s session saw patrons pour onto the streets, amid fanfare, as ‘jama’ filled the air, to herald the first of four editions for 2016.

Though tiring, participants were buoyed by the presence of the ambulance service and some security personnel on standby to assist them, in the event their limbs   ‘failed’ them along the line.

Some required the motivation from the soldiers and cardet corps to urge them on else they dropped out along the way.

“The distance is good for me but very long, I was in front but see where I am now. These young ones are motivating me to continue to the end”, a panting walker told Luv News.

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Another one said, “I have put on weight so I need this exercise. I think you should organize it once a month.”

After a long walk, the patrons came back to the Heroes Park for the second part of the aerobics.

The ‘Bokwa’ dance fused in the aerobics was the new addition to the event.

The South African dance is a cardio-licious blend of hip-hop and that gets the dancer to draw letters and numbers by movement. Never get it wrong; it is not the normal choreography you are familiar with.

Amid music, Fitness Instructor, Dominic Ofori, aka Dee led patrons to dance and spell LUV 99.5 FM with the ‘Bokwa’ dance. Amazing it was.

Other activities including press and push-up competitions continued as the sponsored rewarded the youngest and oldest walkers.

Then it was time to climax the whole event with the kenkey party and other energy replenishing food.

But this year’s edition will go down the records with a lot of several memories as a 4-year old boy, identified only as Paa gone through the entire distance to the admiration of other participants.

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The youth exuberance exhibited by Paa who was adjudged the youngest walker at the event earned him a unanimous approval from participants. For his effort he pocketed a cool Gh¢50.

The oldest walker reward of a hamper went to 64-year old Francis Ata Oppong.

If you missed the fun and excitement for the serious business of keeping healthy, just make a date in Quarter 2 for the next edition.