Clash of cultures: Nigerians come for American’s for calling Olamide gay

Yesterday, popular 0n-air-personality, Toolz tied the knot with captain Tunde Dumuren. The wedding had in attendance dignitaries from different works of life including American rapper Wale.

Wale took a picture with Olamide who was also present at the wedding and posted it on his page. Unfortunately, it didn’t go down well, as American’s misunderstood Olamide to be a g@y, because he was wearing a sandal.

They didn’t spare Olamide from their insults as they kept on throwing insults at him. However, Nigeria might be facing some challenges economically and in other areas, there could be disunity among tribes, but when it comes to another country against our own, the unity that emerges is unimaginable.

Nigerians were very upset about the way Olamide was insulted and they took to Wale’s page to give Americans a taste of there own medicine.It’s lovely to see Nigerian’s stand up for each other.

Nevertheless, we all know sandal is acceptable for men here in Nigeria, but it’s not acceptable in America, just a little misunderstanding between two cultures has initiated a big drama which might not subside anytime soon.

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