Chris-Vincent Writes: When Won Chong Was Mercilessly Beaten By Jet Li, Who Said A Parliamentarian Cannot Insult A Deserving Person? – Video

Undoubtedly, it was an interesting weekend with Afia Schwarzenegger flat on her bum on the floor—well beaten by a legend in a fight she could have easily escaped if she was smart enough to know how to just pick her battles.

A lot of people are still commemorating the fact that, for once and perhaps in what was an unforeseeable battle, Kennedy Agyepong the Jet Li of our time has not only trashed Won Chong the social nuisance but has also silenced her pump of insults.

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There have been several discussions and as usual, you would find those whose unfettering support for Kennedy Agyepong linger on and those who are so much blinded by loyalty that Afia Schwarzenegger’s obvious beat down is being paraded as another win.

Beyond these two opposing sets of individuals sit the moral legends, those claiming that it is somewhat insane, contemptuous and disheartening for Kennedy Agyepong to have unleashed his heavy punch lines on Afia Schwarzenegger simply because he is a sitting Member of Parliament and he ought to have known better.

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Let me quickly and emphatically state that, I have a strong revulsion for the expanding anti-intellectual political landscape in Ghana, where whatever discourse that’s in motion generally turns into a showmanship of insults. That’s obviously insane and unhealthy.

But there’s a lucid distinction between the above and what happened between Kennedy Agyepong and Afia Schwarzenegger. I am for specifically defined honest telling—and we need that in Ghana even if it comes across as insults to someone else.

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Afia Schwarzenegger

It’s only in Ghana that when you call an idiot an idiot, it is to some extent unacceptable and where we mostly sugar-coat bitter words, thereby shying away from the obvious truth because of some sort of political correctness.

There’s nothing inherently wrong about a Member of Parliament throwing an insult at a deserving person—especially when on his own frolic.

Recently, the United Kingdom’s parliament sat down for about 3 hours to discuss a petition calling for a ban on Republican Presidential hopeful-Donald Trump’s entry into the Kingdom—and even at a parliamentary session like this, he was served with a well deserving 3-hours of insults under full national coverage…

Trump was insulted from left to right; he was called a Wazzock, a Buffoon, a Demagogue, a Racist and every harsh befitting English insult was employed to state in blatancy what a brainless sort of person the man capable of being America’s next president has become.

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This is a clear example of specifically defined honest telling—and it’s only a person who has not had to deal with this offensively ignorant and insane person called Afia Schwarzenegger who would argue that even in this contest, Kennedy Agyepong should not have told her his own version of the truth or should not have been impertinently honest to her.

Let’s face the fact: Afia Schwarzenegger has become the gatekeeper of a wormhole of insults and she does not do so in the confines of specifics—whether an issue or individual deserves insults or not, she opens her floodgate. Either an issue concerns her or not, she quickly joints at it and drags it through her mud of insults.

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And also, she has no understanding of targets; she always stretches her insults to taint people’s wives, mothers, family and everyone and everything. The British did justice to Trump with insults, his person and ideas were ridiculed but his wife, mother and friends were never called names—because they were not party to the ‘proceedings.’

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A case in point in relationship to why Afia Schwarzenegger’s methods cannot be reasonably justified and therefore it’s a good thing that Kennedy Agyepong has truncated her confidence to insult haphazardly is how she handled the whole infamous Bishop Obinim’s incident.

Of course every reasonable person ought to hate Obinim’s mode of operation and under specific circumstances, I wouldn’t fault anyone for calling him the scum bag that he is—but to insult his wife or any person because of association is deplorable.

And that’s what Afia Schwarzenegger does best…

More than 4 times last year, she posted my photos on her instagram and threw insults at me anytime my blog said something about her that she did not like. That would not have been much of a problem since we can loosely term this as ‘interest based specific’. But that wasn’t all, she would also insult my family and friends, simply by association.

Afia Schwarzenegger Instagram Post

Although I did not really care since I am used to this sort of internet nonsense, it may have bothered some of my friends and family who were insulted by virtue of association.

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Therefore, who wouldn’t ‘dance on the grave’ of such a person when she meets her ‘meeter’ and even aid in accentuating the hurtfulness of the attack?

The truth is, Afia Schwarzenegger had no business insulting Kennedy Agyepong—if you didn’t know, she started this whole hullabaloo. And I don’t think Kennedy Agyepong would have by any chance wandered onto the playground of Afia—the two belong to different markets.

Another Afia Schwarzenegger Instagram Post

But once again, she poked her nose into someone’s affair—the bystander took charge of a fight that she held no keen interest in, and unknowing to her, the opponent was much stronger, disproportionately equipped and overwhelmingly supported.

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So unexpectedly, she lost: and some people are struggling to find solace for the attacker in this twisted logic of a Member of Parliament should not have done that. What about, Afia Schwarzenegger should not have insulted an MP, because of his honourable status?

And for those saying Kennedy Agyepong went too far with his insults, it’s easy and cheap to demarcate borders if you are not a party to a dispute. When you are just a spectator and not the one having been attacked, you wouldn’t understand it.

Afia Schwarzenegger

You do not insult someone and go on to choose the person’s words of retaliation for him. People will do their worse when upset or offended.

For me, it’s worth rejoicing that Won Chong has been mercilessly and shamefully beaten by Jet Li. We can now have some decency at the Shaolin Monastery.

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