Lexis Bill, Jay Foley and MzGee render apology to Abraham Attah

  • Jay Foley, Lexis Bill and MzGee render apologies to Abraham Attah on their social media accounts
  • Jay Foley in his posts says he supports young achievers and that he has no intentions of hating the young actor
  • Lexis Bill admits his fault and renders and  apology to Abraham and his audience
  • MzGee calls the incident a joke gone bad.

MzGee intervewing Abraham Attah/file photo

After been under a lot of media attacks right from Monday to Wednesday,  the media personalities  allegedly involved in criticizing Abraham Attah for not speaking impeccable English  at the Spirit awards have all explained themselves and apologized to Abraham Attah and his audience.

The three Jay Foley, Lexis Bill and MzGee came under serious criticisms from some media personalities, fans of Abraham Attah, some pastors and bloggers for making a mockery of Abraham Attah’s speech.

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In an audio interview from Jay Foley, he is heard playing Abraham’s speech after congratulating him on his show and saying “by the way, I like the way he says the tenk you”. Now as to whether this constitutes mockery to warrant the back lash on social media, I am not the judge to decide.

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The apology from Lexis Bill

That notwithstanding, all three have apologized to the young Ghanaian celebrity

First off was Jay Foley who poste don his Facebook page that he woke up to 1000’s of messages from nay people condemning him for mocking the young lad.  Jay Foley question what his intentions will be, if he were to mock, envy or hate Abraham.

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Mr. Foley noted that one thing he stands for is inspiring people to be achievers. This he said could be attest to by his friends and that his whole life is built on inspiring people, hence what his entire life on 2131 is about.

Jay Foley added that his selfless nature and love to help people has made him engage his personal telephone number to over 50 whatsapp group made of tertiary institutions. This he said is his commitment to empowering young minds into achieving more than they are destined to become.

The post that came with Lexis’s apology

“Recently, I designed a special radio package on the live breakfast club on live FM called the live business start-up.  Specially designed to promote people who are into all kinds of businesses but do not have the means to push their products. That’s not all.. We have GET THE JOB which has been designed to provide job opportunities for many out there”.

Jay Foley in his rather long post reiterated that he loves, adores and cherish young people who push beyond limits and those who do not have the courage to. In apologizing Jay said that he does not hate Abraham and that he believes he probably may have been misquoted and misread by friends and fans out there.

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Next apology came from Drive Time Host of JoyFm, Lexis Bill who posted a sorry note on his Instagram account and admitted that the mimicking of the actor was in bad taste and expressed apologies to Abraham Attah and his audience. He noted that he did not intend to undermine the achievement of Abraham Attah.

Next was MzGee, who also took to her first book page to boast about how she was the first ti Interview Abraham Attah on TV in Ghana.  She also quizzed what she stands to gain by mocking the young actor. MzGee who admitted that she and Lexis Bill, jokingly mimicked the actor’s “Thank You” apologized to all who were offended by her actions. She also expressed gratitude to all who have stood by her through  these times.

Mzgee’s apology post to Abraham Attah

” I basked in his glory knowing how hard this young man has worked to attain this height. I wonder what I stand to gain by mocking him. Well I read two stories on him on the Drive Time on Joyfm yesterday with Lexis Bill and we jokingly reiterated his ‘thank you’. Guess that didn’t go down well with a lot of people hence the stories you read today. I apologise to anyone who was offended by my action. It was just a joke gone bad. I’m grateful to all those who have stood with me through this. God bless us all”.

The three presenters including Abeiku Santana have been pointed out by many on social media as making a mockery of Abraham Attah’s acceptance speech at the Spirits award. These apologies from them might perhaps explain facts better.
Watch Abraham give his acceptance speech at the Spirit Awards

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