10 Kinds Of People You’ll Find In Every Ghanaian WhatsApp Group

It has taken over a huge part of our daily communication. From sharing videos, audios and photos with each other, we can now stay in touch with our friends all over the world.

WhatsApp has gained popularity over the years, and we all belong to at least a family, friends, or a work group.

Here are the 10 types of Ghanaians you will always encounter in one of these groups.

1. The weird group icons and group name changer.

Why change it if your options are not funny?

Kwadwo Nkansah Liwin

2. The LOL advocate.

You always wonder if they are really laughing.

Image: KokoFeed

Image: KokoFeed

3. The quitter.

He always leaves the group, but comes right back!



4. The photo and video sharer

Always sharing sometime funny, sometimes weird photos and videos.

5. The forwarder.

Not sure if they are paid to spread messages.

The 10 Kinds Of People You Find On Every Ghanaian WhatsApp Group

7. The one-word reply machine.

Vocabulary is hard to come by.


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8. The smiley lover.

They only speak with smileys.



9. The nonfa king.

They always make a comment that leaves everyone in the group wondering about their mental health.

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

10. The greeter

They have to be the first and last person to say something.

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