12 Weird Things You Can Relate To If You Take Trotro

The things wey happen for there de3 hmmm. If you are not fortunate enough to own your personal vehicle, then you can relate to this list.

From the strangest conversations to the NPP, NDC soldiers making noise in our ears! Enjoy.

1. Someone else’s sweat on you!

Oh chaley, are you serious?

Photo Credit: OABPhotography/500px

Photo Credit: OABPhotography/500px

2. People talking loudly on their phones.

I really don’t need to hear how Akos did you wrong last weekend.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

3. Change fighters.

Ei mate abeg give this man his change wae before he murders us all.

trotro fight

4. When you’re seated and someones armpit reaches over you.

I know you have to pay the fare, but can you put on a deodorant before you do that?



5. Couples PDA.

Reminds us single folks how miserable our lives are.


6. Grown folks discussion politics.

Ei here too? Can we leave all that on radio please?

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7. People overhearing your conversation and laughing.

Ummm I don’t think I was talking to you massa.

Image: KokoFeed

Image: KokoFeed

8. Window seat warrior.

We all fight for the window seat, but now I have my smartphone so I don’t care anymore.

9. Texting and someone to trying so hard to read.

Can you not please?


10. That one guy who sleeps on your shoulder.

My shoulder is not your bed bro.

trotro sleeping

11. Others leaning on you.

I have to breathe too people?!

Image: YouTube

Image: YouTube

12. Sometimes you wish you had a SARS mask.

Because taking a shower seems foreign to some people.

kid meme face disgust