ROTARY Wants You To Write About Nigeria & Be Part of A Big Project To Create Wealth

What is your Nigerian dream? Put it in not more than 300 words and your write up could be part of a very big 12,000-page book to be sponsored by ROTARY that will make Guinness Book of Records.

As much as 12,000 Nigerians from all over the country and anywhere in the world can send in their write up in form of an article, poem, pros or essay. The interesting part of this project is that the money made from the books will be invested by ROTARY to set up the Largest Palm Farm in Africa, with the goal of creating 15,000 jobs at all levels. Like I said before, this is the real deal.

Everyone whose short write up about Nigeria Of My Dream got accepted becomes a stakeholder in the Book and the Palm Farm. I guess you all can now see the enormous benefits in this project?

Waste no time, write your article about your Nigerian Dream and submit it here: HERE

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