Clerks should be bold to resist political interference – Doe Adjaho

General News of Tuesday, 3 May 2016



Doe Adjaho New New Speaker Rt. Hon Edward Doe Adjaho, Speaker of Parliament

The Speaker of Parliament, Rt. Hon Edward Doe Adjaho has urged clerks in parliament to be bold in resisting political interference.

He fears that the sacred role of the clerk of parliament who is the principal adviser to the Speaker on matters of privileges, practices and procedures is gradual been taken over by politicians in the legislature.

Addressing the Africa region of the Society of Clerks at Table, the Speaker said he wants the trend to change.

He charged the clerks to be firm and resolute in directing the Speaker and leadership of the house on best parliamentary practices.

“In Ghana parliament, I am praying for the day when the clerk and his staff can look at the speaker and the leadership of the house and tell them that we cannot do it this way and this is the best way to go when we get there. Then I know that the over 20 years some of us have spent in the house has not been in vain, he emphasized.

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Hon. Adjaho also pledged to resist political interference in the recruitment and promotion of staff of the parliamentary services.

He wants the clerks to play their assigned roles effectively devoid of political interference.

According to the Speaker, he has taken a decision not to allow politicians to be involved in the recruitment and promotion of the parliament staff, warning it could lead to indiscipline on the part of the staff of the legislature.

Hon. Edward Doe Adjaho also wants parliaments of African to consider the concerns of the people when legislating bills.

Clerk of Ghana’s parliament, Emmanuel Ayimadu says democracy can only thrive in an atmosphere of divergent views.

He called for more resources to be allocated to parliaments across African to enable them to play their role effectively.

The event which brought together Clerks of various parliaments in Africa and some Commonwealth countries will afford participants the opportunity to learn from members countries on best practices and institute measures to deal with current challenges.

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The respective parliaments are also to take steps, including the setting up of committees towards achieving targets under the sustainable development goals.