UPDATE! Autopsy Shows Ronke Shonde Was NOT Beaten To Death By Her Husband

I just hope some men who are married to promiscuous wife are following this cases closely, save yourself from a wife who lack Godly values but she is money hungry, to avoid being the next victim.
Remember that Mr Lekan Shonde said his wife had not slept with him for three months before her death? So, could it be that she got pregnant for her “boyfriend” and was trying to abort it secretly and the thing led to some serious complications? What were the last discussions she had with the guy?
Did you know that the married woman, Ronke and her alleged boyfriend, Kayode, stopped working in that publishing company the same week? Hmmm…what happened? What led to their decision?

Now the Autopsy report has shown that Ronke was not beaten to death by her husband…

According to Punch findings, the result showed that the cause of the death might be more complex than many of those who were insulting her husband online had earlier thought.

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A credible source in the process disclosed that, “As of now, the report showed that the marks on the victim have nothing to do with her death. Other areas are still being explored. The actual thing that killed her has not been stated.”

A statement from the company on Tuesday, said both Ronke and Kayode left the organisation on the 8th and 10th of March 2016, respectively.

The company’s statement read in part:

“Late Mrs. Ronke Shonde and Mr. Kayode Oluokun were former employees of Learn Africa Plc. However, as of the time of Mrs. Shonde’s death, they had ceased to be workers of Learn Africa Plc since the 8th and 10th of March 2016, respectively.

“During the period of their employment, the management is not in a position to confirm or deny the existence of a relationship between these former employees…”

– One ground the Bible say a man should divorce his wife is adultery. That is to tell you how serious such act is; it leads to destruction of a home and sometimes death of either of the spouse. Be warned!

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