Video : Kate Henshaw And Dan Foster Walk Out On Nigeria’s Got Talent Contestant Named Heaven

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Haarry | 11/28/2013 9:41:00 AMMj daughter purity is dead she died this morning and will be buried this weekend Reply this thread
Vanessa | 11/28/2013 11:19:32 AMMy husband lost his dad yesterday. His dad has been sick for long but sadly died yesterday and he has no money to go to Africa from UK as he has not been working for a whole now. I have been the one supporting us hugely I.e. Paid bills and rent. We have a 4mth old. Now he wants me to empty my savings account to sponsor his tripe to Africa, but I am finding it hard to do.

Now just a little more info on him
We have been together for 4yrs and most of that time lived apart until 4mts ago. He had a savings of 3,000pounds 4mths ago well, so he says but mostly used it to drink and smoke. I had told him to bring out the money so we could keep it in a joint savings, but he refused only for him to say now that he only has 250pounds which cannot even buy his ticket.

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This guy has a very rich family. His bro is an ambassador and all his other siblings are rich too respectively and I suggested to him to ask his siblings to borrow him the money for ticket and I will give him 500pounds to add to his 250 for spending and contribution but he refused because he does not want to beg from his siblings.

This guy does not talk to my parents. My parents av to beg to speak to him. And in all the years he has spoken to them 3x but sees nothing wrong with that. On many occasions my parents av been sick and never has he sent 1penny nor even called them it’s all been down to me alone.

I found out recently he had been married before and his family said they had no idea just because they want to cover him even though he admitted it n said they knew it was to get papers but why didn’t he tell me he was married before?

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When I told him I cannot empty my account he says I don’t love him and I wish him dead and am evil then he starts bringing up things that are past to make me feel guilty. He says his dad’s dying wish was for all his children to be present at his funeral, he has 3 siblings abroad and 1 is an ambassador and the ones in Africa are very rich as they are all in politics. So with or without his contribution his dad will have a befitting burial but I am from a poor family back home so even if my parents fall ill today it’s just me and my bro who is just starting life here so it makes it hard to give up all my money for him to protect his name and when something happens to my family I will have no where to turn too.

Please I need advise. Any advise welcome. Thanks

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lilly | 11/28/2013 11:46:43 AMu better leave that guy and run for ur dear life, first he lied and didnt tell u he wz once married, second he is a lazy and a drunker, imagine he can not even fed for u and ur baby, he is the man ,he suppose to provide for u and not the other way round, plz dont give him ur money all well as u will surfer, that my own advise, let him meet his siblings Reply this thread