Ladies and Gentlemen, The Foundation Of A True Marriage

When you hear a young lady say things like ‘I will only marry a rich man’, just know she lacks the right and proper knowledge to be in marriage. First is, many men who have made huge money before marriage will not respect your opinions about their way of life. Second thing is, a struggling man with real vision is better, much better and far better than that rich man today without vision.

It is this craze to marry a man who has “money” that is leading to the many marital crises and divorces you see everywhere. Ladies, your real focus in marriage should be DESTINY not money.

Over 85% of rich men in their 50s and above got married as ‘nobody’. As a lady, your focus should not be to get married for the purpose of enjoying money, rather you should pair up with a man who can build a life with you so that, in the long run, you and your husband and your kids will live your dreams.

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Drop the “instant gratification” mentality, it has led many astray and still destroying many. Be guided!