Get Fuller Lashes Without Using Extensions In Two Minutes

This saying holds true for most things. Many ladies who weren’t born with a tiny waist are getting one with a waist trainer. You can even get abs if you’re too lazy to exercise. Buy the sculpted ab vest. Tada! Instant abs.

When it comes to makeup, you can either buy what you weren’t born with. Or beauty hack it to death! Beauty hacks are the best. Cheap and effective too.

My favourite is getting fuller and longer eyelashes without using extensions (false lashes). Before you begin to wonder if I’m going to perform some magic, you’d need these:

1.  Mascara


Image: IntoTheGloss

2.  Cotton wool

Cotton wool (ball)

Image: McFarlaneMedical

3.  An extra mascara spool/brush

Mascara Brush

Image: SusanPosnick

Watch Dodos as she shows you how to combine these three items to get fuller lashes:

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