WATCH: ‘Being Light Skinned’, a documentary on misconceptions

being light skin‘Being Light Skinned’ is a documentary featuring men and women from Black and Asian cultures discussing the misconceptions of being light skin.

[embedded content]There is a arguably a general view within Black and Asian cultures that light skin men and women think they are better than dark skinned people and they are more successful as actors, musicians because they appeal to a mainstream audience and they have ‘good hair’. In this documentary it challenges this perception and also enlightens audiences on the challenges they face being light skin, their opinion on the light skin vs dark skin debate within Black, Latin and Asian cultures and on why they think skin bleaching is popular. 

‘Being Light Skinned’ is produced by Kashif Boothe Entertainment. In the last three years  Kashif Boothe has produced two short films entitled Orioh and Being, both films have been featured at The Portobello Film Festival in 2014 and on blogs in the UK, US and Ghana.

In August 2015, he began producing a documentary series on relationships, the first episode ‘What Do Guys Think of Relationships?’ was selected for the 2016 Ozark Shorts Film Festival. In December 2015 he released the second episode ‘What Do Women Think of Relationships?’ and in February the third episode ‘What Do Gay Men and Lesbian Women Think of Relationships?’ which was featured on and the series was selected as the editors top pick on w/c March 7th 2016.

 In March 2016 he completed ‘Being Light Skinned’. It was screened at the event forum ‘Afrocentrikal’ .


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Directed and Edited by Kashif Boothe


Reece Omadlei

Jade Nelson

Vanessa McInnis

Georgina Ezuanyamike

Leah McKenzie

Maclean A.D Sem

Anusha Nava

Prudence Darnley

Jack Frost

DeKaleigha Wells

Aaron Sweeny-Harris