8 Fantastic Eyeshadow Ideas For Black Women To Achieve Different Looks

1. Blue Smokey Eyeshadow 

This blue smokey eye is simply gorgeous. It’s finished with a pale, nude lipstick to contrast the skin and compliment the blue eyeshadow. This is a simple yet very powerful makeup look.


2. Pink Eyeshadow 

A dab of sparkle helps pink eye makeup get noticed. A trick to more vibrant, alive eyes is to apply the same eyeshadow color to the waterline – give it a try to make your eyes pop!


3. Purple Eyeshadow

This lovely color combination of pink, purple and blue stuns. Again, nude lips play well with this color eye makeup. For extra pizzaz, opt for longer lashes.


4. Orange Eyeshadow

Opt for a more subtle tannish orange. Use shimmers and don’t forget to use a damp brush when applying. Pair the orange eyeshadow with browns and finish with your go-to liner and mascara for a show stopping look. It’s simple yet very classy.


5. Plum & Caramel Eyeshadow 

Definitely mix and match. These plum & caramel eye makeup colors are fab! Try matte ombre lips to top it all off.

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6. Neutral Eyeshadow 

Of course, what’s a makeup list without the neutral everyday look? This neutral eyeshadow plays upon Kylie Jenner’s famous look.


7. Gold Eyeshadow 

Gold brings about a very glamorous feel. It highlights the natural beauty of every black women’s eyes. Make sure to blend the shimmers well so it doesn’t appear clumpy on your lids.


8. Black Eyeshadow

You might get a little skeptic using black eyeshadow, but fear not. Check out how well Jennifer Hudson uses blacks to create an unstoppable smokey eye look.


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