‘Witch’ claims responsibility for accident near Kpeshie Lagoon

General News of Sunday, 24 July 2016



Witchaccident Car One of the vehicles involved in the crash

A disheveled middle-aged woman shocked curious onlookers and passersby when she appeared at an accident scene claiming she was blood-thirsty and needed to quench her thirst.

The Sunday morning accident occurred at the Bush Road Junction, near the Goil Filling Station at the Kpeshie Lagoon, on the Teshie-Labadi road in Accra.

A speeding 2016 registered Hyundai Sonata from Teshie heading towards Accra, rammed into a taxi caravan turning into the Bush Road at the Filling Station.

It sumersaulted several times, according to occupants of the vehicle and turned on its wheels on a pack concrete slabs facing the Southern Command. One person in the taxi cab which was conveying foodstuff – yam, cassava, plantain, and vegetable – sustained serious injuries.

The accident left shards of bloodstained glasses strewn within five meters radious of the rammed taxi.

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The Hyundai Sonata had all its glasses shattered but the occupants escaped unhurt.

Bystanders and unlookers rushed to the scene helping rescue the trapped occupants of the two vehicles.

When the injured were taken to the hospital and people were trying to make sense of what happened, a middle-aged appeared from no where claiming she caused the the accident to taste blood.

The visibly unstable woman said all four of her children had been killed and that she was blood-thirsty.

She was unhappy that the accident was not fatal.

The shocked onlookers stared at her with horror and called her a witch, a not surprising situation for a highly superstitious Ghanaian society.