Mother and Daughter Compete for Brazil's Miss Bumbum (Photos)

This year a mother and daughter will compete in Brazil’s most popular pageant, Miss Bumbum to be the competition’s first.

Bruna Ferraz, 35, will be representing the state of Rondonia and her daughter Eduardo Morais, 19 will represent neighbouring northern state Roraima.

The Olympics may have all the attention at the moment but the 27 women competing to win the title of best bottom in Brazil are bent on having some attention for themselves too.

In the spirit of the Olympics, the contestants for Miss BumBum yesterday run their own 100-metre sprint in nothing but skimpy bikinis, bringing traffic to a standstill.

Kim Kardashian may have broken the internet with her famous derriere but she’s got some competition in Brazil.

The contestants will reportedly spend the next three months doing whatever they can to win enough telephone votes from the public to win them a place in the grande final on November 9.

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