Kpone-Katamanso : Appolonia gets regent

Source: Ghana | Razak Abubakar
Date: 07-12-2013 Time: 09:12:13:pm

A 57 year-old businessman, Tettey Mansro, has been sworn in as the regent (caretaker) of Appolonia, Kpone-Katamanso district in the Greater Accra region.

The regent, who goes by the stool name Nii Iddrisu Tettey Mansro succeeded Nii Teye Adumuah, who is aged and bedridden for some time now.

Nyakomle Wulomo, Nii Tettey, and priestess Osabu Ayikushi, two of the kingmakers performed the traditional stool rites, and later formerly introduced Nii Iddrisu Tettey Mansro to members of the Bediako clan, Nogo and Sanshi or Sacki clans.

In line with what is believed to be the stool customary rite, a ram was slaughtered and some bottles of schnapps poured as libation to signify appreciation for a successful installation ceremony.

Elders of the three clans present at the short but impressive ceremony explained that, the decision to swear in the regent was to check illegal activities of persons who are taking advantage of the current condition of the chief of the area.

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According to them, the enstoolment of Nii Iddrisu Tettey Mansro will not only check these activities but ensure that unity and developmental projects are brought to the area. Ago Mansro, an elder of the Bediako clan remarked that “for some time certain persons in the area have taken the law into their hands and have sold some of our lands to certain individuals without our consent as if our area does not have owners”

He continued that now that they have a regent he expects that the illegal sand winning in the area will come to an end. He hoped that other members of the other clans will all help the regent transform the area.

Another elder of the Sanshi clan, Seth Affum was of the view that problems associated with the inability of Nii Teye Adumuah to perform his role as the chief of the area due to ill health will now be a thing of the past, now that a regent has been sworn in by the kingmakers.

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He advised the regent to be loyal to his people, accountable to the various clans and should also inform them anytime he encounters a problem.

Addressing a gathering at the ceremony, regent Nii Iddrisu Tettey Mansro promised to work hard to make Appolonia regain its lost status. He expressed gratitude to the people for the confidence reposed in him to be the regent of the area.

He said his work as a businessman and his business trips abroad from time to time would not in any way affect his role as the regent of Appolonia.

“I have always stayed in touch with my people regardless of how far I am away from home. My role has further put me in a position where I would have to stay home more than I used to. I am very proud of my people and count on them to help me transform our area into our desired shape,” he concluded.

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