ALERT | How Fraudsters Are Duping People On Instagram

A reader sent this to me, so people can know how the fraudsters operate and avoid them:

This is a chat with a FRAUD instagram page (@ladies_top_favourite_store).. They have ripped many people off.. So decided to take the fools for a ride.

They are so many of them on instagram…


All the above stores are confirmed FRAUDS.. You can check out @naijaonlinestorepolice on instagram to see peoples complaints.

And sooo many more, they are always changing their name. People need to be more careful when buying online. They claim WORLDWIDE delivery so they even defraud people abroad.

Here are some of my chat with them and below is the receipt i sent after which they disappeared and stopped chatting with me… Imagine if i had really sent them money.. I would be crying now..

No amount is small to loose.. People work hard and some idiots just want to sit there and take it.
They always change their name so people should beware.