5 Things Everyone Who Loves Skinny Girl In Transit Can Relate To

Am I the only one who can’t  wait for the next season of ‘Skinny Girl In Transit’ to start?

Skinny Girl In Transit is a web series produced by Ndani TV and written by Dami Elebe. It tells the story of Tiwalade, an On-air personality and chronicles her struggles to lose weight and find bae. She lives with her parents and has to deal with her over the top mother and annoying sister.

The show is really hilarious, and if you have not started yet, what are you waiting for?  Skinny girl in transit is super relatable and here are some things that you might just be able to chuckle at and say ‘oh, me too’.

1. The fitfam struggle

Tiwa is a beautiful plus sized woman, who is trying to drop some pounds. She tries different exercises all the time. But nothing just seems to work. She is constantly caught between giving up or working hard for her dream body while eating all the fattening food she loves.

skinny girl in transit

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Image: YouTube

2. An annoying little sister

Tiwa’s little sister, Shalewa is everything Tiwa is not. Shalewa has a great body but is also super lazy and wants nice things without having to work for them. She is really annoying and she once tried to steal Femi (Tiwa’s boyfriend) from Tiwa. Their relationship is still beautiful though and no matter how much they bicker, they always support each other, like true sisters.

skinny girl in transit

Image: YouTube

3. An overbearing mum

Mums are awesome, but sometimes they can be a little over the top. Tiwa’s mum is always on her neck about everything, especially marriage. She loves her kids so much which means that she would do anything for them. But sometimes it’s just too extra. I mean it’s kind of hard to live with a mother whose constant question is ‘when will you marry?’ just because she wants to throw a big wedding for her child and show off to her friends.

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skinny girl in transit

Image- Pulse

4.  The struggle to find bae

Tiwa has a lot of trouble with the men in her life, from fending off her ex Kola, to deciding whether Femi is the one, then breaking up with him, and having to deal with her feelings for her boss, Mide. Dealing with men is a big issue in Tiwa’s life. Thankfully, she realises that she’s the most awesome person in her own life, and she’d still be awesome with or without a man.

Skinny Girl In Transit

Image: YouTube

5. Haters who are secretly fans

Tiwa has to deal with Hadiza her silly, vain colleague, who thinks she’s better than Tiwa when she’s just secretly jealous that Tiwa is more fabulous than she is. She gets plenty elas throughout the show, and the biggest and the best one was when Tiwa got the huge promotion and she didn’t.

skinny girl in transit

Image: YouTube

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