6 Kenyan Spoken Word Artistes You Must See Perform

What is spoken word?

Spoken word is a contemporary form of poetry that if often performed.

1. Raya Wambui

39th Slam Africa Queen, Raya Wambui has been writing poetry since she was five. Her work is dedicated to creating open and honest dialogue in order to ignite social change.

2. Ivan Irakoze

he first began performing in March 2014 and went on to win the 58th African Slam. Ivan is deeply inspired by music and the human experience.

3. Keith The Cartoonist

56th Slam Africa King, Keith The Cartoonist uses his love for cartoons to provoke nostalgia and address different social concerns.

So I ask again, look into my eyes and tell me what you see,

Can you see a boy who was called a misfit, unwanted, incomplete?

A boy who got picked on everyday just because he din know the meaning of man up,

Since there was no man up in his house?

Tell me if you understand how painful it was for a boy to grow up with a constant empty seat beside him every prize giving day,

How damaging it is for a boy to grow up being afraid of going into the confession box,

Cause he wasn’t sure he’d find a father to confess to.

~ Excerpt from the poem ‘Dad’s Letter’ by Keith Cartoonist

4. Laura Ekumbo

An amazing and engaging performer who uses her art form to figure out her own identity and its place in the world.

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5. Ecks

Using comedy and popular culture, Ecks uses his words to hold a mirror up to society’s duplicity.

6. Kaesa

This soft-spoken poet packs quite a punch. Kaesa talks about love in its many forms and his own experiences with romance.

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