6 Kenyan Digital Artists Exploring The Future Of Art In Technology

The art world has not been untouched by technology.

And in Kenya, artists are exploring digital art forms to capture our evolving culture, tell stories and express themselves.

Here are some:

1. Melisa Allela

Trained in graphic design, Melisa Allela is an illustrator and animator finding new ways to tell stories with experimental animation techniques.

2. Musa Omusi

This illustrator is the art director behind MADE WITH LOVE a creative studio based in Nairobi. The studio is a collaborative space, creating various series of work meant to be an authentic expression of self. (Often surrounding Swahili culture)



3. Lenny Njagih

The sound and digital artist recently worked on Zamani Yajayo, a collaborative digital art project aimed at discussing our country’s future. And participated in the

4. Brian Omolo

Omolo combines traditional art forms with digital ones. Beginning with hand drawn images that are digitally transformed to become masterpieces.



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5. Bazil Ngode

Ndoge creates work that pleases the eye and stimulates the mind. His work is a collection of mystical stories told only with digital images.



6. Kaesa

A poet and graphic designer, Kaesa’s artwork often incorporate his poetry, albeit his art and his poems have the depth to stand on their own.