Which YOLO Character Is Like Your Bestie?

Which one of these characters from YOLO absolutely behaves like your best friend.

It has to be one of them.

1. Cyril

Low key mama ba with a good heart. Has his eye set on that one lady but kinda willing to explore other options when the opportunity presents itself. Often influenced by peer pressure. Brilliant af.

YOLO Character: Cyril

2. Drogba/Bra Charles

Mma p3 hene! Every lady he sees, he want floor am. Thinks STI is a hoax. Bragging be what?

YOLO Character: Drogba

3. George

King George! He has the filla, no doubt. But he could lie he saw the angel that impregnated Mary for the birth of Christ just to make you believe him. Call him the last lie bender.

YOLO Character: King George

4. Emily

The beautiful lady down the block who does not have many friends. All the guys wanna be her friend but think her Ghanaian parents are too wild.

She knows what relationship is from an informed position. Finally, as3 op3, as3 omp3.

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YOLO Character: Emily

5. Serwaa

That lady who should know better from past experiences and her background. But she doesn’t. Keeps falling for the same guy tricks over and over again.

YOLO Character: Serwaa

6. Auntie Enyonam

Doesn’t let her past define her future. Working hard to be the best she can be irrespective of her past mistakes. Tough love.

YOLO Character: Auntie Enyonam

7. Pusher

Always working hard to mend broken relationships. But charlie, life hard!

YOLO Character: Pusher

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