15 Ridiculous Nigerian Myths We All Believed As Kids

We had so many beautiful and interesting memories, growing up as kids in Nigeria. In between all the folktales and ridiculous myths and stories, there were many hilarious episodes. Nobody really knows the origin of any of these myths, but everyone was afraid of the consequences of not following them. Here are some of the most popular myths that we all grew up believing.

1. If you swallow an orange seed, an orange tree will grow on your head

Black boy eating Orange fruit

Image: JaniBryson.Photoshelter

2. If you beat a boy with a broom, he becomes impotent

Of course, nobody wanted to risk it.

Image: Life In The Fast Lane

Image: Life In The Fast Lane

3. India beat Nigeria 99-0 in a football match

Legend has it that the ball either looked like a ball of fire or became a roaring lion when the Nigerian goalkeeper tried to save it.

Indian Flag

Image: LiveHDWallpaper

4. When it’s raining and the sun is shining at the same time, it means an Elephant just had a baby

image: aisha/depositphotos

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Image: Aisha/DepositPhotos

5. If someone crosses over your foot, your kids would look like them

Rough play.



6. Drinking coconut water would make you an olodo 

Coconut Water

Image: Wikipedia

7. If you whistle at night, snakes and evil spirits will come and say hello

Image- funnyrandomfacts

Image- FunnyRandomFacts

10. If you look between your legs at night, you’d see a ghost or demon


Image: Giphy

11. If you eat in your dreams, it means you’ve joined a witch coven

Image: Nollywood Social

Image: Nollywood Social

12. If you write someone’s name in red biro and burn it, the person will die.

Seriously, what was the logic behind this?

cat room guardian meme

Image: KnowYourMeme

13. If you pick money or sweets from the ground, you will turn into a tuber of yam.



14. When your palm itches, it means you’ll get a lot of money soon


Image: GifSec

15. When you sneeze repeatedly, it means people are gossipping about you

small girl thinking meme african girl

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Image: Pinterest

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